Hermetic Rebalancing

Clearing and Activating Your Life Path

According to Hermetic Principles, humans walk seven inter-connected pathways as we live our life.  These paths become congested with debris and junk as a result of life’s challenges, demands, and stressors.  The Hermetic Rebalancing Sessions clean up all the rubbish and restrictive energies that have collected and become an obstruction in our ability to move forward with ease and enthusiasm. This cleaning session corresponds to pushing all of your energetic garbage out of your chakras to give you a fresh start in your life. The effects can benefit the physical body along with your other energy systems for true transformation of your life.

Based on the teachings of Hermes and the Emerald Tablet this modality unites the Seven Principles of Hermetics with the 8th Principle of the Emerald Tablet, creating a clear, fresh and renewed direction for life. As such, each session is in eight parts – seven from the Hermetic Principles and one from the Emerald Tablet.  It is the most powerful Re-Balancing module we have in the Mystery School Tradition.

Benefits of receiving this Life Path Rebalancing and Activation:
•    Old vibrations and energies cleared on all seven paths
•    These paths are then re-activated and gain a new vibrancy
•    Stay aligned and integrated with the inner truth of who you are
•    Remain focused on what is truly important
•    Experience enhanced vitality and energy for pursuing your desires and goals
•    You will feel a clarity and lightness that is often described as “sparkling”
•    Achieving your destiny once again becomes, doable and exciting 

To experience the benefits, clarity and renewal of the Hermetic Realignment & Activation, it is recommended to have 3 sessions in the first 3 months to remove all barriers in your personal growth and wellbeing and then maintain your balance as needed 3-4 times per year.